Closing the loop: building circular skills on the entire value chain for Circular Economy

Promotional video for Clocks project. The project aims to develop new proficiencies and skills suitable to support the transition from a linear to a circular economy. It was initiated by an international consortium of 7 partners (three universities, 2 research institutions and 2 companies), which fully complying with the Knowledge Triangle Integration (education, innovation and business creation). The main purpose of the project is to organize two international Summer Schools for PhD students, academics and professionals working in the fields of circular economy and/or raw materials. Accordingly, two one-week Summer Schools will be organized, one in Padua in 2023 and next year in Giessen. The focus of the schools will be on scientific and technical topics viewed from an intersectional perspective. The Circular Summer School Week will include classes and hackathon. Accompanying activities such as in-field activities at companies, webinars and MOOCs will be held before and after the Summer Week. The program and structure of the schools aims to foster interdisciplinary skills, abilities, and entrepreneurial thinking. The teaching content will be planned to promote the synergetic combination of academic and research experts, and the challenges proposed by the companies for the PhD students will be related to real industrial problems. For more information please visit website:

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